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Air Conditioning 101: The Main Types of Residential Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems enable us to control the temperature of an indoor environment, and an air conditioning unit will also regulate humidity as well as clear the air of particles. Principles used for cooling include refrigeration, evaporation and free cooling, with refrigeration being the main method used in residential air conditioning systems. Residential air conditioners vary greatly in model and type, but can be divided into a few main categories, which we will list below. If you have any questions regarding air conditioning installation, repair, and general use, feel free to contact us with your query. If you have an existing system running in your home, Airsouth Mechanical is a great choice for air conditioning maintenance in South Florida and Central Florida and in the surrounding areas.

Portable air conditioning units

Portable air conditioners are small in size and can be installed without the aid of a technician. Warm air is released through a hosepipe which can be fitted into an outer wall, or to a window. In many cases a window fitting is included, and these are relatively simple to install. Portable units are useful for smaller rooms, and are in some cases used in homes where another type of unit is present, but where only one room needs to be kept cool.

Air Conditioning 101: The Main Types of Residential Air Conditioner

Through-the-wall, and window air conditioners

As implied in the heading, this type of air conditioner is mounted into an existing window frame or into a wall fixture. All of the components are contained within a single unit, and there is direct airflow through the unit from the inside to the outside of the building. Through-the-wall, and window air conditioners are generally suitable for single rooms, studio apartments and bungalows, but in some cases several units are used for larger indoor areas. There are also larger versions which are typically used in hotels and healthcare institutions.

Split or ductless air conditioners

This type of air conditioner consists of several units, where one is placed outside and one or more are placed inside the building. Refrigerant is transported between units via pipes, and no ducts are needed. The outdoor unit will typically contain the condenser, compressor and expansion valve, while indoor units will contain a cooling fan and an evaporator. One outdoor unit can serve several indoor units at a time, which enables the user to regulate the temperature of different rooms separately.

Central air conditioning systems

Central air conditioners regulate temperatures throughout a building, and either be a split system (as described above) or a packaged unit, where a single outdoor unit sends and receives air from within the building, and air is distributed via a network of air ducts. These types of air conditioning setups are widely used both in homes and in commercial and industrial spaces.

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